The Violet Society

A startup sisterhood for future founders.


About The Violet Society

The Violet Society is a startup sisterhood for future founders.

The 12-week program is a part-time opportunity for young women in the tech industry who want to build startups. We'll be meeting weekly in San Francisco and accelerating each other's personal and professional growth via peer mentorship. We're building a community of empathetic and passionate leaders. Join us!

Applications for the pilot cohort are closed. The program is from Sunday, June 3, 2018 to Saturday, August 25, 2018

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The Violet Society is meant to focus on peer mentorship. Because of this, we're looking for people with varying experiences who still have some common ground. The ideal participants have 1-7 years of professional experience in the tech industry, but that range is flexible. Our community is focused on people who identify as women, and nonbinary members are also welcome. If you have more questions about the previous sentence, please take a look at this thread and email us with any concerns.

The most important qualities we're looking for are honesty, empathy, ambition, compassion, and determination.


The program will start with an all-day kick-off; a deep dive into your background, current mindset, and future goals. We'll get to know one another in this small group to build the foundation for the rest of the program. Then, during our weekly evening masterminds, we'll talk through our goals for the upcoming week and improvements or wins from the previous week. We'll then run a couple of sessions, each led by a rotating discussion leader, in a welcoming intellectual discussion. The program will end with a final party where members will present their key takeaways from the 3 months to family and friends.


The program begins with a required all-day kickoff event Sunday, June 3. Weekly meetings are Wednesday evenings from Wednesday, June 6 - Wednesday, August 22. We'll celebrate the end of 12 weeks with a final party on Friday, August 24 or Saturday, August 25 night! Members cannot miss more than 3 meetings, excluding July 4, to be part of the program.

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