The Violet Society

A startup sisterhood for future founders.


The Violet Society Fellowship

The Violet Society is a startup sisterhood for future founders.

We’re building a community of women & non-binary people who are the tech leaders of tomorrow. Our fellowship program meets weekly over 3 months for peer mentorship and structured discussions led by industry experts. The Violet Society gives members the confidence, network, and skills they need to launch a successful company.

Applications are open for Fellowship Cohort 2, which will run from January 13, 2019 to April 5, 2019.

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Our fellowship is a 12-week program that meets for weekly masterminds plus a kickoff and final celebration. We run this program twice a year and also run a hackathon, retreat, and public events. Applications are open for Fellowship Cohort 2, which will run from January 13, 2019 to April 5, 2019.


We are open to all different backgrounds within the tech industry: Engineering, Design, Product, Marketing, Biz Dev, Talent, Success, etc. The most important qualities we're looking for are honesty, empathy, ambition, compassion, and determination. Our community is for women & non-binary individuals who want to start startups. Most members have 1-10 years of work experience and spend 4-6 hours per week on The Violet Society.


The Violet Society is for early-stage and aspiring founders. You may be...

PRE-IDEA but you're committed to start once the program begins
PRE-PROTOTYPE but you want the accountability to start building during the program
PRE-LAUNCH but you want the motivation to launch during the program
PRE-FUNDING but you want the resources to raise your first round of institutional funding

We welcome founders at these different stages. If you're not sure which you fit into, we would encourage you to ask us!



Sunday, January 13, 2019

The program starts with an all-day kick-off; a deep dive into your background, current mindset, and future goals. We get to know one another in this small group to build the foundation for the rest of the program. Get ready to understand yourself and your aspirations more deeply as you look inward.


January 16, 2019 - April 3, 2019

Wednesday evenings every week, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

During our weekly masterminds, we talk through our goals for the upcoming week and improvements or wins from the previous week. We help one another move past blockers or challenges by suggesting techniques, resources, connections, and advice. The fellows are your accountability buddies and cheerleaders during this process!


We're trying something new for the second cohort and bringing in industry experts to lead focused discussion sessions around fundamental topics like Customer Discovery, Distribution, Fundraising, and Recruiting. Check out our judge & speaker lineup from Violet Hacks to see the types of people you'll get the chance to learn from! Discussions will happen during the mastermind sessions on Wednesday evenings.


Every member is encouraged to meet all other members 1-on-1 during the 12 weeks. The founder will meet each member within the first few weeks of the program to understand their unique goals and challenges. Members are encouraged to socialize during the 12 weeks outside of Wednesday night meetings. In the first cohort there were birthday parties, hiking trips, dinners, happy hours, intellectual discussions, and more planned outside of the standard timing.


Friday, April 5, 2019

The program ends with a final celebration where members will present their key takeaways from the 3 months to family, friends, investors, and founders. Members will reflect on personal growth and startup accomplishments, plus mix and mingle with brilliant technologists.


Our pilot cohort of The Violet Society Fellowship met from June 2018 - August 2018.

Amanda Crosby-Rickman

Amanda Crosby-Rickman
Talent Acquisition at Reside Real Estate, Cofounder of pre-launch job search tool.
Anna Kazlauskas

Anna Kazlauskas
Student at MIT, Software Engineer at Celo, Y Combinator Alum W18.
Giselle Rivera

Giselle Rivera
Founder, Instamansions; transitioned from side gig to full-time with revenue.
Grace Hu

Grace Hu
Software Engineer at Google working on Maps team.
Jasmine Wang

Jasmine Wang
Machine Learning at Lyft L5, previously Data Science at Square.
Lucy Zhao

Lucy Zhao
Cofounder of Honeydew, secured angel investment and rapidly grew customer base.
Marie Hepfer

Marie Hepfer
Cofounder of Best Good Things, launched initial product with beta users followed by full public launch.
Michelle Galemmo

Michelle Galemmo
Senior PM at AltSchool, worked on weighlifting alignment app with Nikhila.
Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia
Founder of Femikit, pivoted from subscription box brand to education and media company.
Nikhila Ravi

Nikhila Ravi
Machine Learning Engineer at Facebook, worked on weighlifting alignment app with Michelle.
Rani Mavram

Rani Mavram
PM at Lyft, founded non-profit at the end of the program.
Samanee Mahbub

Samanee Mahbub
Incoming Marketing Coordinator at Rothy's, worked on Direct-to-Consumer women's hygiene product startup.


"I've seen myself become more intentional about my personal and professional growth after surrounding myself with these unapologetically ambitious and grounded women. Peer mentorship is powerful, and the Violet Society has redefined what sisterhood can look like." - Grace Hu

"Surround yourself by people who constantly challenge you- professionally, personally, intellectually, and mentally. I found these people in the Violet Society, and I am proud to call them some of my closest friends and family away from home." - Rani Mavram

"Being around so many wonderful, badass, empowered women was a huge highlight of my summer. We were always there for each other be it through professional or personal matters. Honestly was one of the best decisions I made for the summer." - Samanee Mahbub



Is there a cost associated with the fellowship?

The cost is $200 for accepted members. This includes two meals during the kickoff, snacks every week, branded swag from The Violet Society, priority access to future invite-only events, an online community, face time with our expert discussion leaders, and more.

what is the attendance policy?

The all-day kickoff on January 13 is required, and members may not miss more than 2 of the Wednesday evening meetings.

How do I ask you more questions?

Email us at!

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